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3 Simple Tips on How to Make Buying or Selling Real Estate a Pleasure - Not a Nightmare!

1) Get A Plan


Contact a lender and find out what your credit looks like. This is a scary step for most, but you may be surprised! If you qualify for a home in the price range you want, get a pre-qualification letter, call your Real Estate Professional (385-210-7250 Susan Booth :)) and start shopping. If you need credit work, start now. Take the Lender's advice and focus on the prize. It's never too late to fix credit. Call me you need a great Lender with lots of incentives - First Time Buyer, Single Parent, Teachers and Firefighters, Veterans, No-Down Options, etc... There is so much offered right now - why not?


Contact your Real Estate Professional (me) and get a FREE home valuation. Selling for top dollar, but staying realistic is the key to getting staying happy and getting your home sold. Pricing right and extensive marketing reach are key to a fast and profitable sale.

2) Concessions


When looking for a new home, keep in mind that in a competitive market, cosmetic items are not worth losing the bidding war over. Focus on safety and building code items. This is your new home. You can paint the purple bedroom tan after you move in. Let your Real Estate Agent negotiate on your behalf. To avoid trouble, you should not pursue access to the Sellers directly. Your Agent is trained in negotiation and is working on your behalf.


Your home is perfect to you and holds your family memories. It will not be "perfect" for someone else without changes. You cannot guess what they will like or prefer. Fix required safety items and clean, clean, clean. Depending on the quality of offer you receive, think carefully about giving or denying concessions requested. Maybe the rugs really are gross?

It may be easier to give them a carpet allowance then to replace them yourself. Ask a friend or your Real Estate Agent for honest feedback.

3) Due Diligence


It is YOUR job to spend your money wisely. There are so many things to consider. Seller's disclosures - are they accurate?, home inspection, appraisal, square footage, encumbrances on the Title and how may they affect you, utility bill history, the neighborhood, meth and radon, HOA requirements, etc..... Don't navigate all this alone. You may get into expensive trouble. You don't pay the Real Estate Agent's commission. You have nothing to lose by finding a professional to help you navigate and protect your investment from potential future disaster.


It is YOUR job to be honest and transparent when it comes to your property and how it is presented. Honestly complete the Seller's Disclosures, complete any repair stipulations agreed to in the contract, and follow the Title Company's requirements to clear the title for the new owners. Negotiations with the Buyer should all be done through your Real Estate Agent. It is proven that selling with the assistance of a Real Estate Professional yields two things: 1- The average home sells for up to 8% more (typical commission is 6% total), so you come out ahead even after paying the Agents, 2- Considerably less legal trouble regarding Title, Recording and Contract Compliance since this is the Agent's job!

I hope this information was helpful,


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